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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Keep Your AC Working Efficiently with Consistent Maintenance

Protect the life of your air conditioning and heating system is to make sure it’s regularly serviced.  Just like a car, your air conditioning system requires regular tune-ups and cleanings.  You can schedule a once or twice a year maintenance, to help keep your system in the best of shape.  Our Preventative Maintenance Agreement helps ensure you get the most out of your current air conditioning system.

Our Preventative Maintenance Agreement Includes:

  • Check cooling/heating system for proper operation

  • Change/clean customer provided air filter as needed

  • Inspect general condition

  • Tighten electrical connections at equipment

  • Check and inspect start and contacts

  • Test equipment control systems

  • Test compressor protection device

  • Check current draw of compressor

  • Check refrigerant operation pressure

  • Check exposed equipment and pipes for leaks

  • Check compressor function

  • Check outdoor coil

  • Check indoor coil

  • Clean drain line

  • Add drain line cleaner as needed

Additional Services for Gas Furnace only:

  • Test gas valve operation

  • Test safety devices

  • Test limit switches

  • Test combination draft motors

  • Check pilot and burner assembly for proper operation

  • Check connection of vent pipe at furnace

Advantages of the Preventative Maintenance Agreement

  • Yearly coverage. You will receive an annual precision tune-up and Professional cleaning.

  • Save $$$. Increased efficiency means less run time, which saves you money on your utility bill.

  • 10% discount on services, parts, accessories.

  • Improved cleanliness and health. Maintenance improves system cleanliness. Air typically flows across the cooling coil at least four times an hour. Over time, substances such as dust, mold, allergens and bacteria can accumulate.

  • Increased life. The average lifespan of a system is typically 10-12 years when routinely cleaned and maintained. Without a maintenance program, the life can decrease significantly.

  • Decreased downtime. Catch problems before they become serious. Tightening loose wires and lubricating moving parts can help prevent premature equipment failure.

  • Increased efficiency. Regularly scheduled maintenance increases the efficiency of the system.

  • Inflation-proof. Price fluctuation will not affect you for the life of the program.

  • Extended warranty. When you invest in an extended warranty, it normally requires annual maintenance to keep your warranty in effect.

  • Guaranteed same-day service. In the unlikely event you have a service need, your service call takes priority.